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airflow increaser

In order to respond as best as possible to the level of each user, the Groovtube team has developed a coupling piece: “the airflow increaser”. With this coupling piece you can mechanically increase or decrease the load during the exercise. You place the coupling piece between the GroovTube and the antibacterial filter. An adjustable ring allows you to adjust the difficulty level. The white cap must remain on the green anti-bacterial filter in this set-up.

In the Fairhammer app you will find a slider under settings that allows you to precisely adjust how quickly Fairhammer responds. This is a very nice tool. The app is therefore suitable for users with minimal breathing power as well as for users with a reasonable lung volume. The Fairhammer app is actually a game and this makes it easier for children to continue practicing. Over time, users can also see for themselves whether their scores improve. That is motivating!