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Respiratory muscle training with the POWERbreathe and the Groovtube

With the POWERbreathe you can train the strength of the breathing muscles briefly and effectively every day. The combination of the POWERbreathe with the Groovtube makes working accessible and fits perfectly with the experiences of children and young people. This makes it easier for them to maintain it and do their exercises more efficiently. This beautiful combination increases the strength and endurance of the respiratory muscles. There is a modified inspiratory and an expiratory version of the POWERbreathe. You can easily connect this directly to the Groovtube using a tube.

This combination can be used with both the inspiratory and expiratory versions of the POWERbreathe.

EMT trainer EX1-medic connected with the GroovTube


IMT trainer Medic Plus connected with the GroovTube