Nicole, mother of Folà (7)

My daughter Folà (7 years old) has been using the GroovTube for a couple of months and we are very enthusiastic about it. You need your breath in order to talk, which my daughter has difficulty with. We have tried nearly everything: Blowing out candles, blowing bubbles and all sorts of things. But sadly the problem is: if you can’t blow bubbles at all, you can’t practice it. A big advantage of the GroovTube is that You can change the settings, very easy ones too. Another advantage is that you can witness progress by looking at the statistics tool in the app. You can really see the effect. The GroovTube has everything in it: seeing progress, but also a variation in games. We wholeheartedly recommend this app!

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Irma, a physiotherapist:

The results of each training session are saved automatically. This makes it fun for children who need to keep practicing on a regular basis.

Quezaida, 8 years:

I really enjoy making a selfie and then blow myself up in this photo. The game FairHammer is my favourite!

Maaike, a speech therapist:

No other devices has helped me more to challenge a young child to exhale as long as possible.

Marlies, leader of the recovery group

A lot of laughing and secretly a lot of practicing too is the effect of the GroovTube on our group. We have used the GroovTube in the group with a little girl of 6 years old. She had to do breathing practices to build strength she needs for talking and coughing. She has really enjoyed the exercises. Especially the photo app she thought was great. The other children loved the photo app as well, getting their picture taken, and then seeing themselves get transformed into a balloon or all sorts of dots. Making noise with a very loud bell was great, especially if you don’t have a loud voice to make noise. Even more so if we said in a (fake) offended tone: “Who is making so much noise?”. Long story short, the GroovTube has resulted that the exercises where done in such a way that it felt more like playing instead of practicing. The little girl had a nice experience doing something that was special, and the other children thought it was very interesting as well.

Karin, Speech therapist:

I have used the GroovTube with a boy who has a major ataxia to get more control over his breath. He got feedback about his breath with the help of the GroovTube. He also learned to breath out longer.

Maaike, Speech therapist:

With no other device have I got a child far enough to really hold their breath significantly longer. I mainly use the GroovTube on children who cannot speak enough words on one breath. Mainly children with CP with a speech defect. With the GroovTube I work on lengthening the duration of an exhalation, but also on leveling the exhalation.

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